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Volume 28 (1977), issue 3-4

Wood products market in 1976 and at the beginning of 1977

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Economic revival started in Europe and the USA in 1975 has been continued in 1976. In the first half-year of 1976 the rate of industrial production increase was slightly below and in the USA slightly above prerecessional period level. The revival intensity in the second half-year was slowed down and thus the rate of gross - national produce for the whole 1976 was lower than having been expected. The increase rate of total production (agriculture included) in the SSSR and Eastern European countries was lower than in 1975 (fluctuating about 5 %). General economic revival was positively reflected in forestry and woodworking industry products consumption. But rapid demand increase in the first 6 months of 1976 was more the consequence of stock supplement requirements than of remarkable real consumption increase. In the second half-year when the stock was replenished the demand increase was slowed down. Besides particleboard prices which have been just mildly increased the other products prices were increasing up to th e summer time. Autumn brought about certain price stabilization but in January and February a new increase took place. Log and sawed timber of hardwood demand increase started earlier than with other products. Disagreement in supply and demand of wood logs from Afrika and of oak sawed timber has been permanent. It resulted in remarkable price increase. In spite of demand increase the board industry capacities were not fully utilised and the market competition was keen.


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