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Volume 33 (1982), issue 9-10

International timber and woodpulp market in first six months 1982.

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The rate of economic growth in the first six months was lower from what it had been expected. The biggest consumers of wood: housing construction and furniture industry were faced with permanent problems. Only by the end of first half-year there were certain indications of upward tendency. However, high rate of dollar, high rates of interest and vague behaviour of oil manufacturers make future economic development uncertain. No disturbances on timber market were noted, because large exporters cut down production on time and large importers held themselves back from exaggerate demand. For that reason there was no excessive stock at the beggining and at the end of the first half-year. The coniferous sawn timber market has been opened as early as in February, i.e. earlier than in previous several years. The Soviets unexpectedly reduced their prices and sold all they intended to sell. The Swedes were increasing their prices gradually, not because of excessive demand, but because of limited production. The Finns preferred to cut down their production drastically rather than sell at existing prices. The Americans adapted their production to the demand and thus avoided more significant disturbances in the prices. Large Austrian saw-mills were in permanent difficulties because of fall of export to ltaly and the Levant countries. The deciduous timber market, as usual was more stable. The prices, in general, remained unchanged. The plywood market experiences slight growth of prices under influence of dollar rate growth. Industry of chipboard did not overcome the difficulties caused by overproduction in West Europe. With a delay of a year and a half problems were also noted in the industry of woodpulp, paper and cardboard. It reflected on substantial growth of woodpulp in the manufacturers stocks and big price fall.


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