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Volume 37 (1986), issue 9-10

International timber market in the first six months 1986

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A certain economic revival particularly the revival in the housing construction in the United States led to increased consumption of lumber. It resulted in increase in prices of all wood products. The growth has not been equal in all regions and for all products. The Swedes and the Finns have started with their sales yet in the fourth quarter 1985 and at the beginning of 1986 and have sold all available quantities for shipment in the first quarter 1986. By the end of 1985 as the fir/spruce sawngoods stock was running low the prices moved up. The prices of pine sawngoods remained firm. During the first six months also the prices of fir/spruce sawngoods and of some specifications of pine sawngoods have been rising. Difficulties were experienced only in the sales of V and VI quality sawngoods. The demand has been often lower than the supply. The Austrians have been experiencing the problems in sales during the entire 6th months period. The Soviets in the their initial offers to Europe have given a significant contribution to stabilization of market. In the first offer by the end of January submitted to Great Britain the prices of pine sawngoods have been corrected downward and the prices of fir/spruce sawngoods remained unchanged. In other offers the prices have been corrected upward, especially for fir /spruce sawngcods. The increase in demand in the United States led to increase in prices in Canada and in the United States. The demand of deciduous sawngoods from moderate and tropical zones has been satisfactory and the prices firm. Disturbance and the fluctuation of prices occured more often on the market of South-East Asia. The demand and supply in West Africa were mainly equalized. Fall of dollar rate had also an influence on the sales of plywood and blockboard. The prices have been mainly rising up, as well as the prices of boards in South-East Asia. The prices of chipboards and firberboards advanced as well. In the second quarter there was a recovery on the woodpulp market. The paper market was stable in the whole first half-year and the prices firm.


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