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Volume 39 (1988), issue 1-2

International timber,pulp and paper market in 1987 and expectations for 1988 year

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The economic growth that started in Europe and North America in 1982 continued its upward tendency in 1987. It shall continue to grow in 1988 but with an open question as to the extent of the rate of growth. The European timber market has been influenced by general economic growth, falling of consumption and decline of housing construction in some countries, as a result of rise of interest rates. In the early months of 1987 the activity in forest and forest industries products in Europe was low because of a very severe winter, but it recovered in months to come. The activity in North America was very vigorous even in winter months for the housing construction did not abate. The international softwood market was active in Europe and North America. European exports trade was lower compared with 1986 because of fall of exports from Sweden. The prices in Europe moved up with the exception of Austria and Italy. Exports from Canada for the first time in history exceeded the limit of 40 million cubic meters. The hardwood market experienced a certain stagnation with a noticeable tendency of increase in demand for quality beech timber. The oak timber trade was under a strong influence of American competition. Also, consumption  on the international market of wooden boards increased in relation to 1986. The plywood prices were under the strong influence of the rate of dollar. The pulp and paper trade went through considerable increase in demand and rise in prices; increase in demand for pulp of deciduous wood in particular. It is expected in 1988 a well-balanced supply and demand of softwood but with a tendency of the price rise. Demand in quality beech timber shall increase; the prices, as well. Consumption of all types of wooden boards shall improve marginally, and the volume of international trade shall maintain a level achieved in 1987. The prices shall move up slightly.


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