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Volume 45 (1994), issue 4

Efficiency analysis of wood-technological processes in solid-wood furniture manufacture

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This paper shows the results of researching into the potential of different wood-technological processes in solid-wood furniture manufacture in terms of maintaining the planned quality level. The first step is to do the deficiency classification as to the kinds or significance of the chosen plants, products, systems or units and quality characteristics. Then test results from five different plants are given with certain suggestions regarding the reduction of waste material and final processing costs, and the establishment of a quality control system in a new way. The chosen processes and products were from solidwood fumiture and chairs manufacture. A representative sample of wood-technological processes from characteristic production programmes has thus been achieved. Specially trained controllers who simultaneously carried out the survey used XR-control cards for measurement units control, and the np, p and single cross control grading cards. On the basis of the survey we conclude that in wood processing, which is a typical export branch with low rate of profit, quality control has not been paid the needed attention. When new position on the market are sought, it is certain that great savings can be realized in the field of introducing quality management and control. Insufficient attention has been paid to the costs due to errors in production processes. Due to the increasing demands on the world wood products market, the costs of quality control are on a constant rise. Thus they will be a major item in the structure of total costs in a wood-processing enterprise. The results of this research show, that in wood industries all activities will have to be directed to the reduction of the costs connected with final processing and waste material. However, this primarily refers to the field of raw material preparation (cutting and drying), since the results have shown that in machine processing of the surveyed plants no excessive wastes were recorded, owing to the fact that the technological solutions enabled a high degree of precision in this production phase.


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