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Volume 51 (2000), issue 4

Stress in circular saw blade by finite element method

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As the dynamic behaviour of the circular saw blade has been thoroughly investigated, the achieved results are a good base for understanding the tasks related to the stress of common blades of circular saws. The knowledge should be implemented in production and use of circular saws in order to achieve the best possible results of sawing; lower roughness of processed side surfaces, lower width of sawing line; lower consumption of basic material and energy for its conversion, etc. This paper presents the results of a calculation of radial and circular stress in circular saw blade caused by centrifugal force. All calculated stresses were tensile. The highest radial stress occured directly by the flanges and it decreased almost linearly to zero at the edge of the saw blade. Radial stress was reduced due to the increase of the flange diameter. In the observed case the highest circular stresses occur right by the flange towards the edge of the circular saw blade. In line with the accepted research aims, the method of finite elements was applied in the calculation of stress in the toothed area caused by cutting and centrifugal force. Each saw blade was modeled by use of approximately 9,000 finite elements. For modeling the geometry of saw blade, 3D shell elements were applied. The model of circular saw was under simultaneous load of centrifugal forces, which were equal to the rotation frequency of 3,000 min-1 and saw teeth are under load of 100 N force, which acted on the teeth cutting surface. The calculation was carried out by use of Algor program and the equivalent stresses were shown in accordance with the energy theory of strength (HMH). The stress in the saw blade caused by centrifugal force and saw teeth load was up to 60 MPa.


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