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Volume 61 (2010), issue 4

Analysis of Indicators of Wood Products Market in the Republic of Croatia

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Wood processing and furniture manufacture in the Republic of Croatia have been developed on high quality forest raw material, and their activities are based on the use of forest raw material, long wood-processing tradition and good quality of human resources. Therefore, this is an important economic segment of the country. However, due to global economic trends, and also due to inadequately developed and low production efficiency, insuffi cient use of capacities and underdeveloped production of higher processing stages, the total income of the industrial wood processing is relatively low with respect to the potential of raw materials. It is, therefore, important to determine the position of the sector with the focus on market research. For this reason, the analysis was conducted and comparison made between certain market indicators such as production, exports, imports, consumption, and sales share of Croatian manufacturers, wood processing (DD 20) and furniture manufacture (DN 36), in the domestic market. In the observed period, an increasing trend was recorded of the production of other wood products and furniture manufacture, in favor of production of other wood products. From 2000 to the end of 2008 export values of other wood products were higher in relation to furniture export values, while in the field of import determinant values reversed. In the observed period, product sales of Croatian manufacturers in sectors DD 20 and DN 36 in the domestic market were variable.


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