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Volume 67 (2016), issue 1

Influence of Feed Speed on the Content of Fine Dust during Cutting of Two-Side-Laminated Particleboards

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This paper deals with the problems of wood dust production during the sawing of two-side-laminated particleboards. It points out the dangerous impact of wood dust particles on people´s health and other unfavourable influences in the working environment. The aim of the paper was to introduce the research of dustiness, to determine the content of fine particles in sawdust and analyse the influence of feed rate on the granularity of sawdust created in the process of sawing two-side-laminated particleboards using modern circular saw. Sawing parameters were chosen for the optimal cutting speed of the circular-saw blade Pilana TFZL, vc = 84.3 m·s-1 and for three feed rates of a workpiece with the cut vf = 10, 15, 20 m·min-1. The collected sawdust particles were subjected to the particle-size analysis under exactly defined conditions by sieving and the basic granulometric analysis was made. Sieve analysis gives only a general particle-size distribution without any information considering the mass concentration of fine fraction of dust. Therefore, laser particle sizer Analysette 22 Microtec Plus was used to specify details concerning the size of dust particles smaller than 63 μm, which were collected in the bottom collector.


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