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Volume 67 (2016), issue 2

Contribution to Research on Certain Production Costs by Investing into Computer Aided Technology of Production of Wooden Elements with Pre-Planing of Sawn Wood

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This article presents the analysis of the production costs of hardwood elements produced by computer aided technology of rip-cross sawing with pre-planing of sawn boards. In this procedure, sawn wood is planed prior to sawing to calibrate the thickness of sawn elements and to make wood defects more visible on the surface. Preplaning contributes to more successful further processing of the sawn elements. The costs of production technology of pre-planed sawn elements were compared with the costs of the classic cross-rip production technology of sawn elements and with the costs of computer aided rip-cross production technology without pre-planing. Research results show that computer aided production technology with pre-planing of sawn elements gives the best productivity, the lowest consumption of electricity per product unit, the best control of the number of produced elements, and the best utilization of sawn wood since the quality is defined by using wood scanners. Further to the above, it can be concluded that better results are achieved by computer aided technology with pre-planing than by two other researched technologies. The disadvantage of this technology is the starting investment, since the price of this technology is significantly higher than that of other two researched technologies. This research should help investors in decision making process when choosing between different technologies of wood element production.


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