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Volume 68 (2017), issue 2

An Evaluation of Modulus of Elasticity, Dimensional Stability and Bonding Strength of Bonded Heat-Treated Wood

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In this study, the effects of heating on the mechanical and sorption properties of pine and spruce wood were investigated. The study was carried out using wood heated in laboratory. Specimens were divided into the following three groups: specimens of one group were not exposed to heating, whereas specimens of two other groups were subjected to heating at the temperature of 190 °C and 215 °C, in the air under atmospheric pressure. Specimens were then bonded together using a cold press and four different systems of not heated and heated (at different temperatures) samples were formed: two not heated samples and two samples heated at different temperatures. After that, newly formed systems were moistened and dried in a climatic chamber and measurements of dimensional changes were carried out. Then the mechanical properties were observed again using two different methods - method of transverse vibrations and method of three point static bending. A positive and strong correlation coefficient was determined between static and dynamic MOE values, however, dynamically determined MOE was up to 16 % higher. None of the bonded specimens became loosened during soaking and drying, which means that wood, heated at the different temperatures, could be bonded together thereby obtaining a system of heat-treated wood that may have better mechanical or sorption properties than solid wood.


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