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Volume 69 (2018), issue 4

Effects of Nano-Clay on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Medium-Density Fiberboards Made from Wood and Chicken-Feather Fibers and Two Types of Resins

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Medium-density fi berboards (MDF) were produced, using two different resins of urea-formaldehyde (UF) and phenol-formaldehyde (PF) at 10 % and 8 % contents, respectively. In order to find new source of raw material to satisfy the increasing need of composite manufacturing industry, 10 % of chicken feather was added to the furnish. Moreover, nano-clay was added to investigate its potential improving effects on MDF panel properties. Results showed that panels with PF resin demonstrated significantly lower water absorption and thickness swelling values in comparison to the panels with UF resin. However, mechanical properties of panels containing UF resin were generally higher; this was partially attributed to the higher resin content. It was concluded that panels with PF resin are recommended for applications where panels may be more exposed to water and vapor. In cases where the mechanical properties are of prime importance, panels with UF resin are more preferable. NC can be recommended in panels containing UF-resin to improve the properties, while it is not recommended in panels with PF-resin. Moreover, chicken feather can be included in MDF furnish to provide part of raw materials, though its addition can have diminishing effect on the properties to some extent.


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