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Volume 70 (2019), issue 4

Surface Roughness and Wettability of Surface Densified Heat-Treated Norway Spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.)

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Surface roughness and wettability of the heat-treated and then surface densified spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) wood were measured to determine the effect of densification and heat-treatment on wood surface properties. The process of heat-treatment with an initial vacuum was performed in a vacuum chamber on oven dried lamellas with dimensions of 630 mm (longitudinal direction) x 45 mm (tangential direction) x 25 mm (radial direction). The lamellas were heat-treated at four different temperatures which were 170 °C, 190 °C, 210 °C and 230 °C. Control specimens were not exposed to heat-treatment. The lamellas were first heated to 100 °C, the creation of a vacuum taking 30 min at this temperature, and then heated to the desired temperature, and treated at this constant temperature for 3 h. The lamellas were then cooled down by using coils with cold water inside the chamber. Surface densification of lamellas with compression from 22 mm to 15 mm thickness was made by press platens heated at 150 °C and held in that position for 60 s. After the 1 min, the heated platen was cooled to 90 °C, whilst the specimen remained under compression to minimize immediate spring back. The total time of compression was 2 min (30 s closing, 60 s pressing and approx. 30 s cooling). In the treatment groups, the optimum treatment temperature on the one-side densified wood specimens was found to be 170 °C based on the surface roughness and wettability values. Surface densification significantly decreased the surface roughness of the wood specimens. The surface quality of wood can be improved when the wood is exposed to the heat-treatment and then surface densification.


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