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Volume 71 (2020), issue 1

Hygrothermal Treatment of Tepa (Laureliopsis philippiana Looser) Fibers: Effects on Chemical and Physical Properties


The present study consisted in determining the effects of a hygrothermal treatment on wood fibers from the Laureliopsis philippiana Looser species. The fibers were treated in autoclave at 150 °C for 90 minutes at a pressure of 430 kPa, which was generated during the evaporation process of the water in autoclave. Physical properties, color, and water retention capacity of hygrothermically treated and untreated fibers were analyzed. The chemical properties determined were the extractable amount in sodium hydroxide, toluene ethanol, hot and cold water, the cellulose, holocellulose and lignin contents, the pH value, the percentage of volatile and washable acids, and the buffer capacity. In hygrothermically treated fibers, a change of color was detected as well as a reduction in the water retention capacity and an increase in the percentage of extractable, cellulose, lignin and a decrease of holocellulose. Also an increase in acidity, amount of volatile and washable acids and buffer capacity were determined. Due to the chemical changes observed in the treated fibers, these would present advantages in the manufacture of fiberboards, facilitating the setting of the amino resins.


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