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Volume 2021, issue 2

Installation of Test Setup and Measurement Procedures in Fir Wood Hydraulic Conductance Measurement

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For a hydraulic conductor, through which liquid flows, hydraulic conductance (K, ml·s-1·MPa-1) is defined as the ratio of pressure difference at the inlet and outlet to the fluid amount passing through the hydraulic conductor in a unit time period. This property is one of the key functions of the wood, and is obtained by the flow rate (F – Flow, ml·s-1) along the wood sample divided by the pressure difference driving the flow (DP, MPa). This study aimed to establish a test setup to determine the hydraulic conductance values of Uludağ Fir (Abies bornmulleriana Mattf.). A test setup was established to measure the amount of water that flows in samples and pressure difference in characterized capillary tubes. In addition, calibration of the test apparatus is explained in detail. Fir wood samples taken from Yedigoller, which is affiliated to Kale Operation Chieftainship and Bolu Forest Regional Directorate, of 4 mm in diameter and 3 cm in length were prepared and hydraulic conductance measurements were performed, and the results are presented in this article. The installed test setup was used to obtain the following information about trees: operation of the hydraulic conduction system, the amount of needed water, seasonal effects and stress-related changes.


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