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Volume 72 (2021), issue 2

Fiberglass Plaster Mesh as Reinforcement for Cement Bonded Particleboard

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The effects of fiberglass plaster mesh (FPM) as reinforcement on some physical and mechanical properties of cement bonded particleboard (CBP) were examined. Experimental CBP with and without FPM were manufactured in laboratory conditions using wood particles, cement, tap water and chemical accelerators. Two plies of FPM, manufactured using fiberglass and polyester resin, were laid within the experimental CBP. The target density of CBP was 1300 kg/m3 in the study. Three different types of chemical accelerators (CaCl2, KCl, DARASET ® 580) were used in the experiments. Properties of CBP evaluated include 2- and 24-hour - thickness swelling (TS), 2- and 24-hour - water absorption (WA) and bending stiffness (MOE) and strength (MOR). The results indicate that all the board properties tested were significantly improved by FPM application. The average MOE values of the CBP boards with FPM was two times higher than those of the boards without FPM. Dimensional stability and MOR of the CBP boards were also significantly improved with the use of FPM. FPM can be used to improve inferior properties of the CBP, so as to make it more compatible with other wood based construction materials.


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