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Volume 2021, issue 3

Potencijal i uloga biomase u hrvatskoj i europskoj energetskoj tranziciji (Potential and Role of Biomass in Croatian and European Energy Transition)

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The Republic of Croatia, as a full member of the European Union, is currently participating in the energy transition, i.e. the process of decarbonization of the economy through the transformation of the energy sector in which renewable energy sources replace fossil fuels. In this process, biomass as the most complex form of renewable energy plays an important role given the many positive environmental and economic-social aspects of use. In accordance with the goals of the European Union, Croatia has achieved the required 20 percent share of production from renewable sources, but the share of energy production from biomass is still unsatisfactory. The most commonly used sources of biomass are solid biomass, especially pellets whose producers are export-oriented. Nevertheless, Croatia is still dependent on biomass imports, as is the case at EU level. Therefore, the improvement of production and consumption of energy from biomass requires synergy and joint action of all stakeholders in the energy sector, and decision-makers should create appropriate preconditions for the development of the biomass market. This paper analyzes the current position and importance of biomass in the energy transition of Croatia, based on the analysis of the biomass market, and its position in national and European energy policies. The research concludes that, although the rate of biomass use in Croatia is still below the ambitious scenario envisaged by the European Union, there is a clear shift towards low-carbon energy in which biomass plays a significant role.


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