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Volume 72 (2021), issue 4

Decay Resistance and Color Change of Pine and Beech Wood Impregnated with R. Luteum and R. Ponticum Plant Extracts

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In this study, the effect of impregnation with natural extracts on decay resistance and color change of pine and beech wood was analyzed. Flowers of Rhododendron luteum and Rhododendron ponticum plants were extracted according to the decoction method and aqueous solutions were prepared at different concentration levels (2 %, 4 % and 7 %). In addition, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate and aluminum sulfate mordants were added to the solution to improve the properties of the extracts. Then the wood specimens were impregnated with the prepared solutions. The results indicated that the effect of plant species on the mass loss of specimens exposed to T. versicolor (white-rot fungus) was insignificant. Non-mordant extracts had a slight effect on the mass loss of the specimens. However, in pine and beech specimens impregnated with mordant-added (especially ferrous sulfate-added) extracts, mass loss was significantly reduced and resistance to fungal rot was almost completely achieved. The concentration level did not have a significant effect on the mass loss of specimens treated with mordant-added extracts. After impregnation, the L* value of all specimens (especially those treated with ferrous sulfate-added extracts) decreased and the specimens darkened. The a* and b* values increased in specimens treated with non-mordant and aluminum sulfate-added extracts and these specimens tend to have a red-yellow color. The a* value decreased and the b* value increased in wood specimens treated with copper sulfate-added extracts. The green-yellow color trend of these specimens increased. Both the a* and b* values of the specimens treated with ferrous sulfate-added extracts decreased and the green-blue color tendency increased in these specimens. The increase in the concentration level positively affected the determined color changes. The total color change (ΔE*) was higher in wood specimens (especially pine) treated with ferrous sulfate-added R. ponticum extracts.


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