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Volume 73 (2022), issue 1

Financial Literacy in Micro-Scale Enterprises Operating in Forest Products Sector: Sample of Gumushane, Turkey

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Enterprises are one of the main components of the economic system and they are indispensable for maintaining the sustainability of economic activities. The majority of these enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Sustainability of SMEs depends on their good financial management. Inadequate financial literacy causes SMEs’ owners to make inaccurate financial decisions. The forest products sector is mostly composed of micro-scale enterprises in which financial problems are common. Therefore, this study aims to reveal the financial literacy status of the owners of micro-scale and wood-processing enterprises. For this purpose, 78 enterprises were selected as study population. Data were collected by applying a structured questionnaire to 43 of these companies by the face-to-face interview method. The structured questionnaire consisted of multiple-choice and open-ended questions and statements prepared on the Five Likert scales. Data were analysed by using the Independent-Sample T-Test, Mann-Whitney U-Test and correlation test. The reliability coefficient of the data was found to be 0.791. Of the enterprises, 58 % produced in the furniture sub-sector and 42 % in the wood products sub-sector. This study provides evidence that there was no statistically significant difference between the knowledge means of economics and financial behaviour of the furniture and wood products sectors. However, the enterprise owners’ knowledge of financial analysis positively affected their financial literacy and financial behaviour.


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