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Volume 73 (2022), issue 4

Optimization for Green Path in Wood Extractives by Taguchi Analysis


Extractive composition of Pinus pinaster (Maritime pine) wood was studied with choline chloride based deep eutectic solvents (DES). Two different eutectic mixtures (ChCl: Et-Gly; ChCl:Urea 1:2 molar ratio), two different extraction methods (hot water bath, ultrasound assisted extraction), and temperature (40 – 60 °C), time (30 – 60 min.) and solid:liquid ratio (1:10 – 1:20 g/mL) parameters were applied. For the optimization of operation conditions, Taguchi analysis was performed. Resin acids formed the chemical composition of Pinus pinaster (Maritime pine) wood. Dehydroabietic acid, abietic acid and isopimaric acid were found to be the major compounds. The impact of parameters on the performance of the system was determined as follows: DES type > solid:liquid ratio > extraction method > temperature > time. So, for the extraction of lipophilic compounds in Maritime pine wood, the optimum conditions were determined as hot water bath extraction at 60 °C with ethylene glycol and 1:10 solid liquid ratio for 60 min.


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