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Volume 75 (2024), issue 1

Assessment of Condition of Wooden Mill in Kovačevići Area in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Wood is one of the most important materials that has been used for several millennia. It is therefore not surprising that wood plays an important role in the cultural and technical heritage of several European countries and beyond. An excellent example of cultural and technical heritage is a wooden mill, almost 100-year-old, near Cazin in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These mills played an important role, especially in times of Bosnian war (1992- 95), when this region was cut off from electricity. The microscopic analysis of the wood materials used in the mills revealed that the mills were made of chestnut (Castanea sativa) and oak (Quercus sp.) wood. Sufficient durability of these wood species resulted in good structural integrity of the mills. The surface of the wood materials in the mills showed partial degradation patterns caused by weathering over the years. However, the interior parts of the wood materials were intact probably due to smoke deposits from the open fireplace. It is suggested that the roofing in the mills should be maintained regularly to prevent possible leaks to protect this heritage for future generations.


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