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Volume 75 (2024), issue 1

Efficiency Assessment Based on Data Envelopment Analysis for Occupational Accidents and Diseases in Furniture Industry of Turkey

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 In this study, the provinces in which enterprises operate heavily in the Turkish furniture industry
were subjected to an efficiency assessment using the data envelopment analysis (DEA) method based on work accidents
and occupational diseases. The data related to the furniture industry was obtained from the Social Security Institution (SSI) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MoLSS). The number of operating businesses and the number of employees insured in each province were evaluated as inputs for the analysis. The total number of workplace physicians and other health personnel in each province, the number of workplace physician and occupational safety centers and A, B, and C-class occupational health and safety specialists were used as outputs. The number of employees who experienced work accidents and occupational diseases, deaths resulting from work accidents and occupational diseases, total temporary disability periods, the number of beneficiaries, and the number of those receiving permanent disability income in each province were evaluated as undesirable outputs. The data was analyzed using the DEA method by modeling the undesired outputs in 6 different ways, and the efficiency of each province was determined. It was seen that Model 6 gave the most ideal results in DEA efficiency assessments. Aydın, Çanakkale, Diyarbakır, Eskişehir, Malatya, Muğla, Trabzon and Zonguldak were determined as the most effective provinces in terms of occupational health and safety. The results were evaluated along with the literature, and recommendations were presented.


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