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Volume 45 (1994), issue 1

Some characteristics of means of transport in sawmill storages

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The article analyzes the problems of handling material in sawmill log storage and lumber storage. The project of handling material in sawmill storages is of great importance far successful production as well as far the management of sawmill primary processing. It is well-known that log and lumber handling contributes considerably to the cost of sawmill processing. The right selection of the most agreeable transport solution, with regard to the technological and organisational demands of the given production process, as well as the technical- exploitational features of transport equipment, decreases expenses and enables continuity of production. In view of the given problem, it is important to determine the demand far the transport of materials, to establish the features of the transported load influencing transport means output and to examine the adequacy and exploitational capabilities of certain means of transport along with the working conditions. When transport solution in the log storage and the lumber storage of the Lučice sawmill was analyzed, our aim was to establish some technological and technical features of the most frequently used transport equipment far log and lumber handling. Investigations have established that the transport equipment operates with a reduced capacity. The gantry crane in the log storage works approximately 44% of the shift time, the gantry crane in the lumber storage 53,6% and the loader, as an auxiliary means of transport, only 33,8% of the shift time. The analysis of the working time of certain transport means has shown that gantry cranes work effectively 85% of the working hours and the loader only 65%. The transport means output is considerably influenced by the medium distance of transport. Log features (diameter, length, shape) as well as the dimension of the packet of lumber also have an effect on the transport results. The effectiveness of transport is also influenced by the organisation of work as well as the way the equipment is handled.


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