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Volume 46 (1995), issue 3

Wood-technological sciences-structure and trends

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Along with the general increase and intensification of scientific and technological processes, we are witnessing favourable structural changes in the field of wood technology as well. This paper is therefore an attempt to explain the development trends based on the dynamics of a particulur period of time. The research carried out in the wood-technological sciences has shown that in future years considerable structural changes will take place. The results have shown that a redefinition of wood - technological sciences will have to take place so that it will have to be put into the context of technological development und practical use of wood. The structure of scientific work and its trends have been analyzed. The research has been carried out according to the number of diploma theses and the main courses taken and according to the number of master’s and doctor’s theses. Likewise, the structure of published scientific papers has been analyzed as well as the research trends within the individual subordinate fields. In addition, the papers have been classified in the usual way: the science of wood; sawmill wood processing; manufactured boards and chemical wood processing; structures and final wood processing; production organization and other operations defined as the applications of basic wood technological techiques. As a result, a need for redefinition of wood-technological sciences has emerged together with the need for a new systematization of the subordinate fields of work. The results of the application of the wood-technological sciences in practice, which took place together with the presented research, have been published in a separate publication.


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