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Volume 46 (1995), issue 4

Research on interactions between tehnology and production organization in wood processing

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The paper presents the results of research into interactions between the technologv and production organization in wood processing. The research has been carried out in fifteen-year intervals since 1960. The introduction presents summarized results of Lawrence, Litterer, Woodword and others, and the need for research analysis. Since there has been no such research in woodprocessing so far, the main issue is the interaction between technology and a production organization in wood processing. Research methods consisted in work time structure assessment in time intervals of fifteen years on the basis of the results obtained by Ettinger (1963, 72,65% operation time) and Figurić (1978, 1993. 57,63% and 51,51% resp.), on the same sample fundamental conclusions have been made. A research into the significance of the results from three different (time) periods has led to the conclusion that firstly, there is a strong correlation between the installed technology and production organisation (r = 0,92); secondly, Ettinger did his research in mechanical-manual production, while Figurić’s research was carried out in a highly mechanized manufacture. There has been no significance in the results referring to periods I, II and I, III, whereas between II and III significance has been assessed. Further on, the obtained results were compared to Gašparović’s predictions (75%-80%) for expressing time in flexible tehnological systems, according to which electopolation of the obtained work time curve of the investigated time period was made. Thus were established the basic parameters of the relation between the designed technology, the production management model and production organization in wood processing.


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