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Volume 61 (2010), issue 1

Analysis of Selected Mechanical Properties of Construction Wood KVH and Parallam 2.0 E


This paper summarizes the results of the analysis of selected physical and mechanical properties of construction wood KVH and composite material Parallam 2.0 E (below Parallam). The following properties were determined: bending strength, local modulus of elasticity in bending, modulus of elasticity in pure bending, modulus of elasticity in shear by the constant span method, compression strength along the grain, compression strength across the grain, tensile strength across the grain, density and moisture content. The determined values were compared to each other and the best material was evaluated. The analyzed materials showed not only different values of monitored properties but also different behavior in particular tests. The presented tables and diagrams show that Parallam demonstrates better strength properties in many cases than construction wood KVH but with respect to the high purchase price of Parallam a manifold higher difference was expected. Comparing both analyzed materials from the aspect of purchase costs, two-fold higher values of the majority of analyzed mechanical properties of Parallam as against the construction wood KVH are irrelevant. The price of construction wood KVH is about EUR 250, and the price of Parallam is about EUR 1540 per m3. Such a high price is the main cause of the minimum use of Parallam as against construction wood KVH.


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