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Volume 62 (2011), issue 1

Optimization of a Pressing Diagram in OSB Pressing


This paper summarizes the results of a pressing diagram optimization based on changes in pressure, temperature and distance between frames of a continuous press during Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) pressing. Tests of selected mechanical properties were carried out on OSB/3 boards with a nominal thickness of 18 mm - a basic type with urea-formaldehyd (UF) glue in surface layers and isocyanate glue (PMDI) in the central layer and further an ECO type with PMDI glue in all layers produced by a prominent manufacturer of OSB boards in the Czech Republic. OSB/3 boards are intended for structural purposes for use in wet environments. Changes in the pressing diagram were carried out at the stage of “press opening”, which signifi cantly affects mechanical and physical properties of OSB boards. In order to be able to compare the effects of changes in the pressing curve, the same setting of production parameters was used with all tested boards. The results of laboratory tests were compared with the values given in the ČSN EN 300 Standard. Optimization of the pressing process ranks among the most effective measures to increase the quality of particle boards at zero or minimum costs. The control of production processes is increasingly perfect thanks to the development of electronics, control and computer technology. At present, not only in our country but also worldwide, marked development of wooden constructions occurs thanks to the development of new types of wood-based composite materials and to the development of technologies in building industry. OSB boards are an important representative of wood-based composite materials for wooden constructions. As compared to natural material, OSB boards show a homogenous structure not including natural defects typical of solid wood. From the point of view of physical and mechanical properties, OSB boards are of orthotropic character.


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