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Volume 62 (2011), issue 3

Determining the Characteristics of Composite Structure Laminae by Optical 3D Measurement of Deformation with Numerical Analysis


Experimental determination of the elastic constants of orthotropic composite materials and their bearing capacity (strength) for furniture intended for sitting, and numerical verification of the experiment results by analysing with the final elements, was performed on the basis of the theory of elasticity of orthotropic and anisotropic composite materials. The requisite and sufficient material constants were determined in the experiments: moduli of elasticity and Poisson’s coefficients (longitudinal and tangential) and skate modulus for plain stress. These constants, calculated by 3D measurements of deformation, are sufficient for determining the constitutive matrix of the lamina, and for reducing stiffness of the composite irrespective of the thickness of the layers, fibre orientation and choice of material. Experiments were conducted for the stiffness, shear and flexing of uniformly and complexly layered beech veneer sheets, while for new materials experiments for stiffness and shear in a uniform orientation were sufficient. Analysis of stiffness and deformations were conducted layer by layer, as well as by reduced volume stiffness for multilayered orthotropic shells of chair systems by a method of final elements by application of a composite final element, where combined reduced membrane matrices and flexing matrices are used. Numerical verification of the experiments, including systems of furniture intended for sitting – chairs – was conducted using the KOMIPS software system, which contains in its library a composite final element of the sheet. Experiments with chairs were performed with the aim of determining the stiffness of such systems, and they were confirmed by analytical results and measurement of the real movements on selected models. The results of research provide the design, re-design, construction and determination of the dimensions of not just chairs, but also of any other girder or surface system


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