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Volume 72 (2021), issue 3

Examining Parameters of Surface Quality Performance of Paulownia Wood Materials Modified by Thermal Compression Technique


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of thermal compression process on some surface properties of paulownia solid wood materials. The widest surface of wood samples was mechanically compressed at high temperatures. The duration was 45 min. Four different process combinations were created, including two temperatures (150 °C and 170 °C) and two pressure levels (20 bar and 22.5 bar). The surface roughness, wettability and color properties of treated and untreated samples were compared. The roughness properties, both parallel and perpendicular to grain direction, were determined according to JIS B 0601:1994 standard. The contact angle changes of water dripped to the surface were measured according to time. For color properties, a spectrophotometer was used according to CIE L*a*b* system. The color changes were classified according to a grading method from literature. The most remarkable results on wettability were observed. The contact angle values significantly increased with this method. Although higher temperature increased the contact angle values, higher pressures did not change the values. When the surface roughness values were generally considered, this technique could decrease the values up to 40 % ratio according to the control group. Only the combination of 150 °C and 20 bar did not significantly change the values. Lastly, the results of color properties showed that all treatment parameters significantly affected total color change values of samples. Grading results were similar and the color change of modified samples graded as the lowest color difference, except with the combination of 150 °C and 20 bar. The combination of 170 °C and 22.5 bar (highest treatment conditions) significantly changed all color characteristics of samples, except b* parameter. The results of this research showed that mechanical thermal compression method could change surface properties of this fast-growing species.


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