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Volume 2021, issue 3

First and Second Phase of Human Centered Design Method in Design of Exterior Seating Furniture

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The article describes a part of the designing process of exterior furniture that utilizes HPL (high pressure laminate) with the reduced use of construction metal elements, using user-centered design methods. The process is divided into several phases. This article primarily uses human-centered design and describes the process of researching user attitudes and market research, as important methods in the overall design process. The observed results are crucial especially when introducing new products based on products already existing on the market. The contemporary market is filled up with a surplus of products that are not so customer-oriented, and customers are often lost in their choice. Currently, there is a tendency on the market to personalize each product to the customer, so this becomes one of the main designer’s methods in designing a product. The designer can personalize a product based on the user and market research. New products can be different in the approach to customer’s needs and attitudes in cases that the designing process follows the current needs. Also, it is important to present it properly to the public. It is necessary to create a representative customer, who can represent the potential group. This young woman has specific characteristics that can be used in the rest of the designing process – her relationship with nature and sitting outdoors, her relationship with furniture and her ability to purchase a new product.


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