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Volume 72 (2021), issue 4

Behavioural Aspects of Financial Decision-Making Process of Managers in Wood-Processing Enterprises


The study is focused on behavioural aspects in the financial decision-making process of wood-processing enterprises. The main aim was to map this topic and determine the key behavioural factors that lead management to make mistakes. Primary data on this issue were obtained from an empirical survey. The empirical survey was conducted through a questionnaire that contains questions focused on behavioural decision-making aspects. Using statistical methods, three key behavioural factors were determined. By selecting the given behavioural factors, it was established that love, hate, and sadness are the key factors that influence management behaviour and decision-making. In the real business environment, two managers working in a wood processing enterprise were chosen; they were willing to provide us with a review and opinion on the results of the survey. By analysing all the data, it has been concluded that, even though managers are trying to direct their behaviour and activities, they often do not notice the influence of these factors, and sometimes they are unable to make decisions. The managers should be able to direct their behaviour and activities, to provide self-control and take into consideration the fact that these factors are always present. Results determine the key and systematically occurring errors in the financial decision-making process, caused by the influence of the human factor. We have developed a model for activating the three key behavioural factors applied in the financial decision-making process as a tool that can help company managers not to make the wrong decisions.


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