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Volume 74 (2023), issue 1

Boron Compounds-Added Kraft Pulping from Scots Pine

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In this study, effects of KBH4 (PB), NaBH4 (SB), Etibor-48 (E48), Etidot-67 (E67), and colemanite (Col) on kraft pulp and paper properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood were evaluated. The control and boron compound-added kraft pulps were obtained under constant cooking conditions. The boron compounds were used as digester additives in different ratios (2 % and 4 %). The addition of boron compounds to kraft cooking liquor resulted in increases screened and total yield of pulps. The highest screened yield (52.05 %) and total yield (55.09 %) were obtained from PB-4 pulp. The lowest reject ratio (0.61 %) and kappa number (34.60) were determined from PB-2 pulp. Furthermore, the highest tensile properties of handsheets were obtained from E67-4 pulp. Also, E48-4 pulp had the highest burst index and tear index values. E48, E67, and Col are cheaper than PB and SB. From these boron compounds, pulps with relatively low pulp yield but stronger can be obtained.


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