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Volume 74 (2023), issue 2

Research of Carbon Biosensors for Application in Seating Furniture: A Review

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The paper provides a limited overview of existing pressure sensors based on composite technology from carbonized biomass and synthetic materials which could be implemented in seating furniture. Carbon-based pressure sensors have proven to be good for pressure measurement that works on the principle of the piezoresistive effect. Research on materials based on carbonized components of biological origin encourages the development of composite sensors made of different materials, which have different negative and positive properties. Despite the great potential, such sensors are still not sufficiently researched and there is a lot of space for their improvement. Today’s rapid development of technologies and frequent work at the computer leads to excessive sitting while working, which is a big problem for human health. Chairs with sensors could be increasingly used in the future, and in combination with the Internet of Things could be used to monitor the sitting habits and health of users. Sensors implemented in seating furniture are one way of monitoring sitting habits, warning users of inappropriate body positions when sitting, and mitigating the negative consequences of long-term improper sitting. The paper analyses research that includes the production and application of sensors made of carbonized bio-materials, which could be used in seating furniture with the aim of monitoring the way of sitting based on the principle of pressure detection. So far, the results have not provided the requested answers. However, they provided an overview of technologies that, with additional research, likely have the potential to be incorporated into seating furniture.


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